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Sustainable Solutions

Clean water is one of our Planet's most vital and precious natural resources, but we are quickly running out of it.

At Memcon, we are passionate about safeguarding and conserving water, and we acknowledge the fact that many of the service industries are some of the most water-intensive. These include hotels, spas, commercial laundries, car washes and valeting, luxury boating, healthcare and many others. Water savings in these areas can make a very significant difference, and this can be achieved simply by changing the way laundry i done. By switching to a revolutionary, near waterless technology, developed by Hydrofinity Sustainable Laundry Systems (formerly Xeros), all these industries can cut down their laundry water consumption by up to 80%, and their electricity consumption by up to 50%. 


Memcon are the official Affinity Partner of Hydrofinity  for the Maltese Islands, and with this new technology, we aim to reduce the high demand on the local water supply, while allowing you to give your customers exceptionally clean laundry, and saving you money. 

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